Polish Bank has issued an application for children


PeoPay Kids gives money management tips to children and introduces them to the world of finance

The Polish bank has issued an application for children. Photo:

Polish bank Pekao has launched the PeoPay Kids application, which helps children learn how to save and manage their money. The new service can be used as a savings account for specific purposes with the creation of so-called “cash drawers” for wealth accumulation.

Children will also be able to transfer money and refill their mobile account. Each time, the parent will receive a request for approval of such transaction. In addition, it is the parents who will be able to install the application on the child’s phone. Parents can manage accounts, check expenses, control balances and set up additional tasks. They can also set a daily limit on the use of payment cards tied to the application.


PeoPay Kids has the job of a virtual advisor – the application gives money management tips to children and introduces them to the world of finance. It is noted that the application is designed for school children.

Marek Tomchuk
Vice President Pecao

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We previously wrote that British Unicorn startup Revolut has launched a cash management application for parents between the ages of 7 and 17 and their children. The company’s new product, Revolut Junior, is available to premium and metal account customers. The launch aims to help children develop healthy financial habits.

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