Popular social network changes the working hours of employees


The company has changed its policy due to the coronavirus epidemic

Epidemic consequences: A popular social network is changing the way employees work. Photo: boundary dot org

Twitter has allowed its employees to switch to remote mode indefinitely. According to The Verge’s website in reference to Bezid, the CEO of Jack Dorsey notified employees of the social network via internal email.

A Twitter spokesperson said in a statement, “If our employees are in a role and position that allows them to work from home, and they want to continue this at all times, we would like to continue it.” The ledge.

If the role of employees is such that they are required to be present at work, or they do not wish to work at home, they will be able to return to their offices “with extra caution”.

Currently, Twitter employees have been working remotely for two months – since March 12. It is noted that the company will return to office work when secured. At the same time, employees will decide to return to workplaces independently.

It is reported that the company with few exceptions will not open any office before September. Until the fall, the company also does not plan to resume business trips, and personal events – until the end of the year.

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Earlier, technology giants Google and Facebook announced plans to open their offices in the near future, but have more flexibility in working from home. Google management has informed employees that the work will be basic in remote mode until at least October 2020, and possibly by early 2021. About 10–15% of employees will still be able to return to their offices in June, which may increase security measures. But this only applies to professionals whose presence at the workplace is essential for the smooth running of information systems.

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