Poroshenko criticized the adopted law on medical insurance



Poroshenko criticized the adopted law on medical insurance

Poroshenko criticized the adopted law on medical insurance

08/05.2020 23:58


The leader of the party of European solidarity, Petro Poroshenko, urges to assure the doctors not of incapacities which would result from the disease COVID-19, but because of the illness of the health worker of the coronaviruses.

He said this on the program “Savik Shuster Freedom of Expression”, reports correspondent Ukrinform.

“Thanks to all the deputies, we convened an extraordinary meeting and asked two questions – tests and insurance for the doctors, God forbid, the doctor died, we compared him to a soldier who died at the front, which represents 750 tax-exempt minimums, or 1.5 million UAH This was adopted, although our bill was modified, but when it was proposed to insure a sick doctor for 100 minimums, it is 200,000, then strangely, it has not changed from 100, but from 300, but from those who have become disabled. becomes person because of the flu (COVID-19 applies acute respiratory diseases – note) there is no handicap, concomitant diseases, cardiovascular, diabetes, etc., which will lead to death or a handicap, but it is blasphemy, I immediately want to propose to the Finnish Minister, to the faction leaders to make a proposal that the doctor be insured in the event sickness, “said Poroshenko.

He also noted the need to increase the number of tests and recalled that in Ukraine, among all patients with COVID-19, 20% are doctors, it is the highest rate in Europe.

As reported by Ukrinform, the Verkhovna Rada adopted the law “amending section 39 of the Ukrainian law” on the protection of the population against infectious diseases “(on additional guarantees for the rights of medical workers and others involved in the protection of the population against infectious diseases and members of their families) “.

The law establishes that the State pays insurance to medical workers in public and municipal health establishments in the event of the creation of a disability group due to coronovirus disease, in the event of the death of medical workers and workers. scientific establishments, patients treated with COVID-19, as well as in the event of infection of medical personnel and their deaths by coronavirus during quarantine.

Thus, it is proposed to pay health workers insurance payments, at least 300 times the minimum subsistence required by law for persons valid on January 1 of the calendar year, if they establish a disability group during a calendar year due to coronoviral disease (COVID-19)


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