Poroshenko unexpectedly thanked Zelensky’s team for storming the Gonchar museum: details of the statement by the former president of Ukraine



Former President of Ukraine, MP for the Party of European Solidarity, Petro Poroshenko, said that the assault on the Gonchar Museum by the security forces had drawn attention to the museum. And for that, he ironically thanked the team of the current head of state, Vladimir Zelensky.

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This is reported by the NPF, referring to the TV channel “Straight ahead”.

The former President of Ukraine, Member of the Party for European Solidarity, Petro Poroshenko, today commented on May 28 the attack on the State Security Bureau of the Gonchar Museum, where he and his wife, Marina Poroshenko, inaugurated an exhibition of a collection of family paintings.

Petro Poroshenko ironically said that thanks to the actions of GDB staff, the demand to visit the Gonchar museum in Kiev has increased. According to him, then, on May 26, all the media reported on the assault on the museum, where the exhibition of paintings by Poroshenko took place.

“I consider that the only positive action of the authorities during the past week – the popularization of the museum. All the news has talked about it, everyone has discovered it … Today, the demand to visit the museum has increased tenfold, “said Poroshenko.

Poroshenko noted that “his heart was breaking” when he saw how the museum had been taken by storm. The politician stressed that the actions of the security forces were absolutely illegal.

“Without a court decision, without sanctions. Why did you have to break into the museum? Nobody could understand that, “said Poroshenko.

The former head of state noted that the majority of Ukrainians, including representatives of the Ukrainian intelligentsia, had condemned the attack on the museum by members of the State Security Committee.

“Unfortunately, or fortunately, the creative intelligentsia does not share the views of the authorities of Little Russia,” said Poroshenko.

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