Poroshenko’s lawyer commented on the court’s decision to force the fifth president to be questioned by the State Security Committee



Human rights activist Igor Golovan said that such a court decision was completely illegal, as the court considered the request of the State Security Committee without the participation of Poroshenko.

Igor Golovan
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Golovan wrote about this in his Facebook, reports “MFN”.

“According to Ukrainian law (art. 482-2 of the CPC), the court must examine these requests with the participation of a people’s deputy. And Petro Poroshenko was not aware of the seizure because he received no notification “

But, as can be seen in the court ruling today, neither the court, the prosecution, nor the State Security Bureau take Ukrainian laws into account, writes lawyer Poroshenko:

“This is yet another proof that all the cases against the fifth president are of a purely political nature. We talked about it more than once and the same fact, in fact, at his press conference on May 20, confirmed Vladimir Zelensky himself. “

We will recall earlier that we wrote that the court had authorized Poroshenko’s forced conduct for questioning within the State Security Committee.



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