Portnikov said what Putin wants to scare Zelensky: details



The Russian Federation could once again excel on the international stage. This time we will talk about the military potential of the Russian Federation, which it will flaunt to intimidate Ukraine. And there are reasons for this.

Vladimir Poutine
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This information was reported by Ukrainian journalist Vitaliy Portnov in an interview “HB“, Reports” NPF “.

“I must again say that direct dialogue with the Kremlin does not lead to the desired result – the end of the war. At the same time, it makes no sense to talk about the territorial integrity of Ukraine. Vladimir Putin intends to create three separate governments in Ukraine. Two in Donbas and one in Kiev, ”said Portnikov at the start.

After that, he expressed confidence that Moscow would strive to do everything possible for the good of the above. He then said that the authorities of the Russian Federation nevertheless failed in certain adventures.

“The Kremlin scares Zelensky with the so-called high alert regime. Or wants to scare. And Russia does it in the age of the coronavirus. We will see how Vladimir Zelensky reacts, ”concluded Portnov.

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