Possible reasons for the high incidence of doctors in Ukraine have been mentioned



Possible reasons for the high incidence of doctors in Ukraine have been mentioned

In Ukraine, a fifth of people infected with COVID-19 are a healthcare professional. Reasons include violation of the patient’s itineraries, improper use of protective equipment and insufficient supply of protective equipment.

This was reported on Facebook by the Center for Public Health.

“As of April 27, 1749, medical personnel have confirmed that COVID-19 is registered in Ukraine, which represents 19.4% of all confirmed cases. In other words, almost one in five infected people in Ukraine is a worker. Among the reasons for the spread of the disease Among health workers, there may be: absence of a clear action plan for a medical establishment, violation of a specific itinerary and standards for the management of patients, improper use of personal protective equipment (PPE), their inappropriate storage and disposal, weeks just ensure that the necessary PPE nurses “, – said in a statement.

The Center noted that the supply of hospitals with personal protective equipment (PPE) is carried out by local authorities and through centralized purchasing or charitable / humanitarian assistance, taking into account the needs which are determined by the management of the medical establishment.

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However, if the institutions do not have a clear plan to advise the population, the so-called “itineraries” of the patient, providing emergency medical care, transport, hospitalization and patient care with COVID- 19 suspected or confirmed, the need for PPE increases considerably and the effectiveness of their use is reduced.

The Center therefore noted that the development and approval of the plan fell under the exclusive jurisdiction of the management of the medical establishment.

In particular, such a plan should include: patient screening, medical screening, distribution of patient flows, as well as distribution within the medical establishment in “dirty” areas (high risk infection area ) and “clean” – rooms in which the level of pollution is minimal.

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“The identification and labeling of” dirty “areas is first of all a signal for a health professional and requires us to use additional protection,” notes the health center.

As reported by Ukrinform, the Ministry of Health collects information from the regions on the state of purchase of personal protective equipment for health personnel at the expense of local budgets.

As of the morning of April 27, in Ukraine, 9,009 laboratory-confirmed cases of COVID-19, including 220 fatal, 864 patients have recovered. 392 new cases were recorded per day.

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