Postemobile re-offers its offer with 30 GB for 4.99 euros


PosteMobile Creami WOW Weekend 30 GB offer can be activated againOne of the cheapest and most interesting solutions in the entire mobile phone sector. This offer makes available unlimited minutes and SMS in addition to Ben’s data packet 30 GB in 4G + (the operator uses the WINDTRE network to provide its services).

New Postemobile Offer Has Periodic Price 4.99 euros per month, with a debit on residual credit and can be activated exclusively online, until the next June 14th. The offer can be activated both by those who switch to Postemobile from any operator, and by those who activate a new mobile number. Cost initial offer subscription address 20 euro with 10 euro loan used to pay the first two months of the offer.

Postemobile offer can be activated onlineconnecting to operator site, with a SIM card that will be sent to the user’s home address at no extra charge and through Poste Italiane. As mentioned above, until June 14 of next year, there is time to request a subscription to the offer, which at the moment is one of the very few solutions that, at a price of less than 5 euros per month, offers a package of minutes, SMS and GB rich and complete.


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