Postponement of local elections in Ukraine: Razumkov makes an important statement



The president of the Verkhovna Rada, Dmitri Razoumkov, commented on the probability of the postponement of local elections in the country. He said he was convinced that there are no legal mechanisms and no real grounds for transfer.

Dmitry Razumkov
Dmitry Razumkov. Stock Photo –

It is reported by “Khvilya“, Reports” NPF “.

He stressed that the local elections would be held as planned and expressed the hope that the event will be calm and civilized.

“Local elections are clearly stipulated by the Constitution. Doing something with the deadlines is quite difficult. To date, I see no reason to move. I hope we will not follow the negative scenario, and we will be able to calmly hold local elections this fall, “said Razumkov.

He suggested that this year there will be a serious fight for the president of the mayor of the capital of Ukraine. Razumkov expects that soon the number of candidates for mayor of Kiev will increase, so it is too early to make predictions about someone’s victory.

“Vitaly Vladimirovich will have a hard time,” he concluded.

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