Pozner revealed the real plan of the Russian Federation to capture Ukraine: expertise



We knew if the Russian Federation really wanted to seize Ukraine. The essence of the matter was revealed by Russian presenter and journalist Vladimir Pozner, who said that the Kremlin was not currently interested in the complete capture of its neighbor.

Vladimir Pozner
Vladimir Pozner. Photo –

This information was reported by “Dialog.UAQuoting an interview with Gordon, reports “MFN”.

“One important thing must be understood: if Vladimir Putin was interested in capturing Ukraine, it would happen sooner or later. Given the resources of the Russian Federation, this would not be difficult. The powers of these powers are not comparable. The fact that Ukraine has retained its sovereignty proves that Russia is not interested in a large-scale war, “he said at the outset.

After that, he said that the policy against Ukraine was unfortunately under way. He recalled the obsolete cliché “br

of the Athenian people. “Posner said that this expression was coined by the propaganda of the USSR and that it never reflected reality. The Kremlin, he said, is now trying to skillfully beat this cliché to achieve its objectives .

“It is also important to understand that there are differences between these countries. In 2014, a split also occurred which tightened relations between the two countries. These peoples will not be good to each other for a long time, ”he concluded.

Recall that Kravtchouk recognized Crimea as Russian: a scandalous statement by the ex-president.

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