Preparing for Easter this year will be a family team building – Zelensky



Preparing for Easter this year will be a family team building - Zelensky

President Vladimir Zelensky congratulated the Ukrainians on the upcoming Easter holiday and noted that this year the preparations for the celebration of the house are a kind of family team building on a national scale.

The head of state’s video greetings are posted on his Facebook page.

“I congratulate all the Christians of Eastern rite for the next feast – the Holy Resurrection of Christ! This year, Ukraine, like the whole world, will celebrate Easter at home … First of all, Easter is the victory of life over death is a celebration of joy, let’s find in today’s positive situation – we go back to the traditions of our ancestors, who had no supermarkets or delivery of finished baskets on the Internet ” , did he declare.

According to the President, this year, each housewife can bake homemade Easter cakes with their own hand, and each owner can make meat delicacies.

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“And with our children, we will all paint pysankas and dyes, soiling our clothes, hands and face. It is a kind of family-owned, state-owned team building,” said Zelensky.

The president said he was confident that after such a team, all the dishes cooked together will be a hundred times tastier: “And homemade sausages with horseradish, lard, dumplings and crucian carp”.

He noted that we all remember that Ukrainian cuisine is the best in the world.

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