presentation date was made official


Sony officially confirmed the presentation of the event of the new Playstation 5The next generation console will be the protagonist of a special event planned for the next June 4 at 22:00 Italian time, During an event called “The Future of Games,” the first games for the new Playstation 5 should be shown many gameplay videos ready for debut.

Sony’s official console debut is also very likely to unveil the final design of its new Playstation 5Over the past few months, he was already at the center of many rumors and is now almost ready for the start of the production phase and the subsequent commercial debut.

However, there is still no evidence regarding formalization. price of the new Playstation 5. For some time, in fact, there has been talk of Sony’s imminent announcement of the price of a new console, but at the moment there is no final confirmation. According to the latest rumors, the new Playstation 5 may cost about 500 euros at launch.

For more information, it will be necessary to wait until the next June 4 and a new special event at which the new Playstation 5 will be presented. In the meantime, we would like to indicate that Playstation site section on the new Playstation 5. Continue to follow us for all updates related to the new console.


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