Presidential election in Belarus: the arrest of his main rival Lukashenko



Victor Babariko and his son Edward were imprisoned. It is not known which article they were charged with, but previously Alexander Lukashenko accused his potential rival of bribery, and Babariko was named the head of the criminal group on the State Control Committee.

Victor Babariko
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It is reported by the “NPF” referring to “Gromadske“.

The press service of Belarusian politician Viktor Babariko said that he and his son, the court had charged and sent to police custody. Babariko’s lawyers have already said they will appeal such a decision:

“Our client categorically disagrees with the accusations. I cannot say which article he was charged with, it is prohibited … But they assure that Babriko is now in prison, he is indeed alive “. said lawyer Dmitry Laevsky.

Note that as soon as Babariko expressed a desire to run for president, he began to be persecuted. On June 18, the KGC called him “the leader of a criminal group”. On the same day, Babariko and her son Eduard were arrested by the security forces.

It should be noted that the attack on potential candidates for the presidency of Belarus occurs in the context of a downgrading of Lukashenko. The other day, independent media in Belarus conducted a public opinion poll and it turned out that Lukashenko’s rating is 3 to 6%. After that, the authorities banned the media from conducting polls.

Recall that we wrote earlier that Lukashenko’s main rival in the presidential election had disappeared in Belarus.



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