Prince Harry’s correspondence with Meghan Markle’s father has entered the network: “Tom, Meg and I are not mad at you”



Prince Harry / Thomas Markle

Lawyers for 38-year-old Meghan Markle have provided the court with new documents in the privacy case that the Duchess of Sussex brought against the editor of the tabloid The Mail on Sunday. The documents attached to the case include messages that Prince Harry, 35, sent to the father of his bride shortly before the wedding, trying to dissuade him from talking to the British tabloids.

The documents were filed in court on Monday, and on the eve of this, the Dukes of Sussex called on editors from The Sun, Daily Mail, Mirror and Express to announce the end of all cooperation in the ‘to come up.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Thomas Markle

Meghan Markle, it should be remembered, continued Associated Newspapers Limited, the publisher of Mail on Sunday and Mail Online, after the tabloid published a letter it had sent to his father, Thomas Markle. Prince Harry tried in vain to contact him, whose messages are now available to the court.

Tom, it’s still Harry! We really need to talk to you. You should not apologize, we understand the circumstances, but “public actions” will only make the situation worse. If you love Meg and want to do everything right, give me a call, because there are two other options that won’t require you to contact the media. Please call me so I can explain it to you. Meg and I are not mad at you, we just need to talk to you, ”said one of Prince’s messages to Thomas Markle.

Thomas and Meghan Markle

In another article, Harry tries again to warn Father Megan not to speak to the press. Any conversation with the press will have unpleasant consequences, believe me, Tom. We alone can help you, as we have tried from day one, ”said the prince again.

According to lawyers Meghan Markle, her father did not respond to messages from Prince Harry, rather agreeing to speak with the tabloid TMZ, to whom he said that he had been hospitalized for a heart attack a few days before the marriage of his girl. Megan tried to contact her father, but he did not answer calls. After his marriage, in which Thomas was not present, he continued to communicate with the press, which forced Megan to write to him. Now she accuses those who published her letter of violating copyright, as well as privacy and data protection laws.

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