Prince William advised his brother Harry to return to London: “He is very worried about him.”



Princes Harry and William

The life of Prince Harry, 35, and Meghan Markle, 38, under the California sun, only from the outside, seems free and cloudless. In fact, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are daily attacked by journalists launching drones over their family home and are watched 24 hours a day by security personnel specializing in working with Hollywood stars (the cost of these services costs spouses approximately $ 8.5 thousand). day).

The move to Los Angeles was particularly difficult for Prince Harry – not only does he wonder every day how to protect his family, but he also misses his native London, his British relatives and friends. At this difficult time, his younger brother is supported by Prince William, 37 years old. In an interview with Us Weekly, an insider said that William communicates with Harry almost every day and is very worried about him. Recently, he even advised his brother to return to his country of origin.

Princes Harry and William

Settling in a foreign country is never easy. Harry didn’t expect to have so many problems. William and Harry often talk about it. William even advised his brother to return to London or move with his family to a safer place. He is worried about Harry’s well-being and safety, ”said the anonymous author.

It is also known that Harry is in constant contact with his 94-year-old grandmother. Queen Elizabeth II is also very worried about her grandson, constantly asking if everything is in order with Megan, and also suggests that Harry turn to her for help if necessary.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

An insider added that the Duke of Sussex initially had unrealistic expectations about the move and that he looked at his life with his family in Los Angeles through pink glasses. It is rumored that Harry and Megan were already thinking of moving to a safer location, but have yet to make a decision and continue to live in the luxurious mansion of famed Hollywood producer Tyler Perry valued at $ 18 million.

Recall that the relationship between the brothers Harry and William was broken after the Dukes of Sussex announced the abandonment of their royal functions. Relatives recently managed to establish communication. Sources say Harry and William were joined by the illness of his father, 71-year-old Prince Charles, who had a coronavirus in March. From this moment, the brothers are in constant telephone contact and exchange the latest news.

Prince William, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

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