Prince William on Paternity: “Having children is one of the scariest moments in life.”



Prince William on authorship:

Prince William and Kate Middleton with Prince Louis

On May 28, the BBC will release a new documentary called Football, Prince William and Our Mental Health, an excerpt of which was shown the other day. In it, former English footballer Marvin Sordell told Prince William, 37, how he suffered from depression and grew up without a father and how mental health issues affected his sports career and personal life (he said childbirth was the most difficult period of life). The football player’s revelations echoed in the soul of the Duke of Cambridge – he remembered the deceased mother, Princess Diana and shared his fatherly experience.

Prince William on authorship:

Prince Charles and Princess Diana with Princes William and Prince Harry

The birth of children is exactly the time when most change our lives. I think when you go through something that causes you serious trauma (in your case, fatherless life, in mine – your mother’s death when I was young), then emotions come back and overwhelm. And there is no one to help you. It’s very difficult, we help each other with Katherine and we spend these moments together, we develop and we learn together. I fully understand that you are talking about the appearance of children. It’s one of the most incredible moments in life, but at the same time one of the most frightening,

said Prince William.

Prince William on authorship:

Prince William and Kate Middleton with children

Prince William, like his wife Kate Middleton, is very concerned about mental health in the UK. A new documentary is part of the Challenge campaign: football unites for mental health – through popular sport, Prince William wants to raise the issue of men’s mental well-being. In the film, he will meet players, fans and managers from small clubs to Premier League teams and talk to them about their mental health issues.

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