Princess Anna spoke of disagreements within the royal family and addressed her youngest members: “Do not reinvent the wheel”



Princess Anna / Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

The British royal family is in a fever of change. More recently, Prince Harry, 35, was part of it, and now refuses to use his last name Mountbetten-Windsor in the paperwork. In its May issue, Vanity Fair magazine attempted to interview Princess Anna, 69, daughter of Queen Elizabeth II, 93, about the disagreements of older family members with the younger ones.

The monarch’s only daughter did not become personal and spoke of the younger generation as a whole, without naming a name.

Don’t forget the basics. I don’t think the younger generation is now trying to understand what their predecessors did. Most often, they are motivated by the desire to do everything in a new way. I want to tell them, “Please don’t reinvent the wheel!” We’ve tried this and that before, so some things just don’t work. You should get back to basics, ”said Princess Anna in an interview.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

Princess anna

When Meghan Markle, 38, married and began to exercise the official duties of the Duchess of Sussex, she repeatedly violated the royal protocol. Trying to support his wife, Prince Harry has always received his wife. Most likely, the couple’s aspirations and opinions diverged from the rules with which they were forced to take account. As a result, Megan and Harry abandoned the responsibilities of senior family members, choosing an independent life.

Princess Anna and Meghan Markle

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