Pristayko to negotiate wages with foreign employers



Pristayko to negotiate wages with foreign employers

Pristayko to negotiate wages with foreign employers

04/30.2020 06:36


Prime Minister Denis Shmygal instructed Vadim Priestayko, Deputy Prime Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration, to negotiate with foreign countries that hire Ukrainian workers.

This was said by Priestayko himself in an interview with Today.

“The Prime Minister has authorized me to deal with this issue with specific countries regarding tour packages. We are now trying to determine how to give to people who want to work abroad in an organized manner. These people are valued abroad, they bring income to their families in Ukraine, “he informed.

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The Deputy Prime Minister assured that the Cabinet of Ministers would not create obstacles for people who wish to work abroad and that charters would be permanently organized for them. At the same time, he made no secret of the fact that the government preferred that the zarobitchites remain in Ukraine and make “a contribution to the economy of the country, for example by building their own farms”.

“The state really needs these people. They are flexible, active, willing to travel thousands of miles from their homes to earn money. After all, we are not the Soviet Union, we cannot keep them by force, “said Pristayko.

However, the Deputy Prime Minister asked that a distinction be made between seasonal workers who go abroad for several months with conditions of respect and other security requirements, as well as people who work without organization in across the border, increasing the threat of a new COVID-19 epidemic.

“You see which areas have suffered the most from coronavirus. Let’s be honest – these are areas along the border. So it’s one thing when we talk about seasonal workers who travel … with medical insurance, decent wages and working conditions, and this is not the first year. As for these employees, we are continuing to negotiate with specific countries and will ensure this organized seasonal work, “said Pristayko.

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As indicated, in early May, the UIA will operate 11 special international flights for the return of Ukrainian citizens and non-residents who have the right to enter our country. Thus, on May 1, 2020, flights will be made from Amsterdam – Kiev, Tel Aviv – Kiev; May 3: Geneva – Kiev, Dubai – Kiev, Sharm El Sheikh – Kiev; May 5, 2020: Toronto – Kiev, Dortmund – Kiev, Prague – Kiev; May 7, 2020: Madrid – Kiev, Milan – Kiev; May 9, 2020 Munich – Kiev.

It was also reported that, in each direction, only one final cost was set, which includes all taxes and fees, as well as the transportation of checked baggage weighing up to 23 kg.

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