Privatbank explained how much currency Ukrainians buy


The number of currency transactions is approximately 6650 transactions per day

Impact of the epidemic: Privatbank explained how much currency Ukrainians buy during quarantine

Privetbank customers began purchasing 40% less currency through Privet24 for the second week of quarantine than the period prior to the outbreak. The number of currency purchase transactions in Privat24 averaged 6.5 thousand transactions per day across all currencies, which corresponded to the January-February 2020 data.

From March 23 to March 29, 2020, dollar and euro sales reached approximately $ 2.3 million (average) per day.

But at the same time, from 23 to 29 March 2020, the number of customers selling online foreign exchange remained almost unchanged compared to the period before the epidemic and amounted to 12.3 thousand. For the second quarantine week, the daily volume of bank purchases by the dollar and euro populations was equal to $ 1. 8 million

According to PrivatBank, over 2.5 million smartphone users use the Privat24 mobile application (1.8 million on Android and over 500 thousand on iPhone). More than 200 thousand customers enter the system via smartphone every day.

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Recall that PrivatBank has launched an educational project “Banker to Hee”, which will help customers learn to use all banking services without leaving home through the Privat24 application and the Privat24 mobile bank.

As mentioned in the press service of the financial institution, the project is primarily addressed to older customers, so that they can learn the most popular online services using simple and inexpensive examples – utility bills, transfers, mobile top- Up and online payment.

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