PrivatBank will help Ukrainians who have lost their jobs


State Bank explained how to help Ukrainians during the quarantine period

PrivatBank will help Ukrainians who have lost their jobs. Photo:

Ukraine’s largest bank, Privetbank, has introduced credit holidays for borrowers for “housing on credit”, “auto from installments” and “loans secured by real estate”, which are facing difficulties due to the coronovirus epidemic.

According to the press service of the financial institution, the bank will offer credit holidays to customers facing financial difficulties (dismissal, leave at their expense, etc.) due to quarantine restrictions. Such customers have the right to defer all future payments until July 31, 2020, with the corresponding conclusion of additional agreements on loans or leases following the end of quarantine.

In order to arrange a credit leave under the “installments by auto”, “housing on credit” and “credit secured by real estate” programs, it is sufficient to fill an application in the appropriate sections of the bank’s website (e.g. For, or at / kredity / avto-v-kredit).

In accordance with Law No. 533-IX of March 17, 2020, in the event that customers have problems with lending related to epidemics and quarantines, PrivatBank does not impose fines or late fees.

As noted by the bank’s press service, during the quarantine period, most of the lending programs of private banks are available to individuals. The size of the credit limit for card and installment programs is governed by the bank’s economic status, the borrowers’ credit history and the principles set by the public offer.

PrivatBank previously stated that in March 2020 it increased the number of targeted loans issued to small and medium-sized enterprises by 15%. Therefore, last month the financial institution financed 1,500 projects in February, 1,230. The increase in the number of loans issued was due to the intensification of leasing and lending programs for the agricultural sector, PrivatBank explained.

Recall that credit holidays for customers of Ukrainian banks do not provide for an automatic mode, and to obtain preferential services on loans, the borrower needs to contact the bank. It was reported by the first deputy head of the National Bank of Ukraine Yekaterina Rozhkova.

Paypal magazine help

Last week, PrivatBank launched a utility payment service on the 3700. It has been reported that the new service will allow customers to pay for a communal apartment in a few minutes, while support service operators will help fill in payment details correctly according to data received from the capabilities. As a press service to the designated bank, a communal apartment is paid by phone with any personal card.

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