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PrivatBank has set zero tariffs by the end of summer for entrepreneurs to use POS-terminals that will link to acquisitions to accept payments using the card.

Quarantine has become a real test for small and medium-sized businesses. Now, when entrepreneurs are slowly returning to work, they need the support of customers and partners. To support small business this summer, Privabank has introduced a zero tariff to serve entrepreneurs who will combine acquisitions to accept payments for goods and services using bank cards. The anti-crisis action will be valid by the end of August.

Provided that receiving and accepting payments by card is linked, throughout the summer, entrepreneurs have zero fees for using POS-terminals, zero monthly fees for using current account and free in counterparty’s accounts in other banks Will have to be paid According to PrivatBank, the monthly fee for the maintenance and acquisition of a savings account for the entrepreneur will be at least UAH 1,500.

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In addition, PrivantBank indefinitely extended special tariffs to serve IT entrepreneurs and start-ups, under which zero-maintenance tariffs and privileges apply to IT and novice entrepreneurs for most other bank services.

Recall that PrivatBank was the first in Ukraine to launch a single application for businesses and individuals. Now, 700 thousand entrepreneurs served in PrivatBank will be able to work with their accounts in their normal Privat24 application. They can view account details and share details. And in the near future, PrivatBank plans to simplify operations with loans, deposits, foreign exchange operations and reporting. And to make the order of entrepreneurs’ remote interactions with their hiring accountants directly in the application more practical.

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According to a study by GfK, more than 65% of entrepreneurs in Ukraine call PrivatBank the main bank for their business. Since early 2017, PrivatBank’s active customer base has grown to over 200 thousand entrepreneurs.

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