Prominvestbank shares 99% of the mystery buyer


In early March, 99.77% shares of the bank were bought for UAH 268.7 million.

The mystery buyer of Prominvestbank’s shares became known. Photo:

The financial company Fortif was the mysterious buyer of a 99.77% stake in the Ukrainian subsidiary Prominvestbank of Russian Vnesheconombank (VEB). It became known from the court materials a month after the date of purchase.

It is reported that on 31 March the Kiev Court of Appeal refused to satisfy the Fortiff request to quash the arrest of Prominvestbank shares, which in favor of the companies belonging to Igor Kolomoski and his companies, $ 139 million (and $ 20 million per cent) was levied due to a lawsuit to recover. Partners. This amount was given as compensation to the immovable property segregated by Russia after the annulment of Crimea by the Hague Arbitration Court. In particular, one of these companies is Crimea Development LLC.

As noted, on behalf of Fortiff, brokerage company Altana Capital participated in the exchange trading, which concluded a contract to purchase the shares for UAH 268.7 million. On March 12, the state contractor ordered the Intinitum Depository institution to write securities and transfer them to the Fortiff account. However, as of March 23, no securities were listed.

According to court materials, the crime development company stated that Prominvestbank’s shares were sold without giving potential buyers an opportunity to participate in the auction, resulting in the shares being sold at a block price that was approximately half the expected estimated value .

Later, the Kyiv District Administrative Court refused to meet Forties and Vnesheconombank (VEB) claims about the shares of Prominvestbank. Earlier, the VEB once regulated the sale of securities of a bank which violated international law.

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It was previously reported that approximately 100% of Prominvestbank’s shares were sold on the PFTS stock exchange as part of enforcement proceedings. Related information was posted on the exchange’s website in the “Trading Results” section without specifying the buyer.

September 5, 2018 Kiev Court of Appeal Arrested Shares of Ukrainian subsidiaries of Russian banks including Prominvestbank. On January 25, 2019, the Supreme Court decided to seize Prominvestbank, Serbank and VTB Bank, which are “debtors – owned by the Russian Federation”. Later, after the seizure of shares of a subsidiary Prominvestbank, Vnesheconombank announced its intention to sue Ukraine.

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