Propaganda can’t resist: Khodakovsky has spoken openly about a serious problem in L / DPR



Former commander of the Vostok IAF battalion in the Donbas, Alexander Khodakovsky, has complained that fewer and fewer people have recently joined the ranks of L / DPR militants and express the desire to wage war at the front.

Alexander Khodakovsky
Alexander Khodakovsky. Photo –

This was reported by “Dialog.UA“Referring to Khodakovsky’s Telegram channel. reports MFN.

Activist Alexander Khodakovsky reports that there is a “staff shortage” in the ranks of the illegal armed group “L / DPR”. Khodakovsky does not deny that propaganda is actively working in the so-called “L / DPR” to attract new people to the ranks of activists.

“There is an element of propaganda, and it should be. We are promoting how to promote a healthy lifestyle, ”said Khodakovsky.

According to him, propaganda sometimes works and new people join the ranks of illegal armed groups. But now, he said, “there are no queues near the military registration and enrollment offices”.

But despite this, Khodakovsky believes that in the event of worsening in the Donbass, many are those who want to go to the front. According to the activist, everything is in order with the reservists of the so-called “L / DPR”. In addition, according to Khodakovsky, people need to know why they are “fighting”.

Earlier, we reported that the information resource had informed that they would first go through KPVV in the Donbass.



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