Prosecutor General Adds VSK Report To Balakliya Munitions Explosion Investigation



Prosecutor General Adds VSK Report To Balakliya Munitions Explosion Investigation

Prosecutor General Adds VSK Report To Balakliya Munitions Explosion Investigation

05/06.2020 22:39


The Prosecutor General’s Office will attach the report of the Verkhovna Rada Provisional Commission of Inquiry to the documents of the investigation into the explosions of ammunition in Balakliya.

This was reported by the press service of the Attorney General’s Office.

“The Prosecutor General’s Office will attach the report of the Provisional Investigation Commission to the documents of the criminal proceedings (investigation into the explosions of ammunition in Balakliya – editor’s note) and will study it carefully. The police are aware of full responsibility for ensuring an objective investigation and the identification of those responsible for the explosions at all strategic sites “, – the press service quotes the head of the department Irina Venediktov.

As reported, on May 6 at the Prosecutor General’s Office, a working meeting was held on the investigation of explosions in ammunition depots at strategic facilities of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine from 2014 to 2018 with representatives of the Temporary Commission of Inquiry of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, law enforcement agencies and forensic institutions.

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Investigators of the security services of Ukraine who are conducting a preliminary investigation in these criminal proceedings, documents containing the findings of the Interim Commission of Inquiry of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on the investigation of the fires (explosions) in ammunition depots in Ichnya city (Chernihiv region), Kalinovka metro station (Vinnytsia region), Balaklea metro station (Kharkov region), Krivoy Rog metro station (Dnipropetrovsk region) between 2014 and 2018 have been requested in the manner prescribed by law.

“After studying them, the issue of the appointment of a full forensic examination with the participation of appropriate specialists to ensure the objectivity, transparency and reliability of the investigation will be resolved,” the department said.

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According to Ukrinform, the Verkhovna Rada created a VSK for six months on October 31, 2019 to investigate fires (explosions) in ammunition depots in Ichna, Kalinovka, Balakley, Svatovo and Krivoy Rog. The leader of the “Servant of the People” faction, David Arahamia, was elected chairman of this commission, and the leader of the Voice faction, Sergei Rachmanin, was elected as his deputy. In total, the composition of the VSK included 15 deputies, who are representatives of all factions and groups of parliament.

On April 26, 2020, Arahamia said that VSK had prepared its first report, in which, in particular, it questioned the use of drones to undermine Balakliya’s arsenal.

According to him, the examination established that the cause of one of the first explosions, from where it all started, was the detonation of special charges deposited in advance in the ground. As a result of the explosion, a funnel formed, which has enormous dimensions. At the same time, after extinguishing the fire, 10 similar funnels were discovered in the arsenal, which indicates a similar nature of their exploitation.

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In addition, the investigative documents confirm that at the time of the explosion “there were no planes in the Balakliya region, and Ukraviaruh’s information about the drone cannot withstand any verification and contradict common sense “.

In turn, former Deputy General Prosecutor of Ukraine Viktor Chumak rejected the version expressed by Arahamia. He said he had checked the reports of investigators and prosecutors of the SBU, experts who had been handling the case from the start, and stressed that the version of the “laying on the ground” had been completely rejected.

He also expressed his perplexity at the MEPs’ attempt to confuse the already complicated investigation into the warehouse explosions.

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