Prosecutor General Venediktova Appoints People From Yanukovych Circle As MPs



We are talking about Andrei Lubovitch, Alexei Simonenko (two received awards from Yanukovich) and Igor Mustets (during the Maidan, he may have helped the authorities to fight the protests).

Irina Venediktova
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As evidenced by the investigation into the program “Our money with Denis Bigus“,” MFN Reports “.

According to journalists, Andrey Lyubovich was previously the Prosecutor for the Donetsk region. In 2012, he received the “For Work and Valor” medal from Viktor Yanukovych. The then attorney general, Pshonka, asked for a sentence for Lyubovitch.

Since March 27, 2020, he has been Deputy Attorney General and is responsible for the Maidan investigation.

Alexey Simonenko during the presidency of Yanukovych was an employee of the SBU. At that time, he received more than one award, both from the then chief of the SBU Khoroshkovsky and Yanukovych.

Igor mustets I have not received any state awards from Yanukovych. But journalists suggest that he helped the Yanukovych regime to fight Euromaidan.
At that time, he worked as a prosecutor in the Shevchenkvsky district of Chernivtsi. If you delve into the archives, it will become clear that Mustec appealed to the court from the decision of the Chernivtsi city council, which supported Euromaidan. He also launched a lawsuit to quash the decision in which the Chernivtsi deputies supported the resignations of Azarov and Yanukovych.

Recall that we wrote earlier that Venediktova complained about a small salary.



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