Prosecutor General Venediktova Complains About Low Salary



As Irina Venediktova pointed out, she lacks 38,000 hryvnias to support her family. Therefore, you must use the savings accumulated previously.

Irina Venediktova
Irina Venediktova. Stock Photo –

The Prosecutor General of Ukraine spoke about it in an interview “Ukrainian news“, Writes the NPF.”

According to Venediktova, last month she received 38,000 hryvnia in her hands, and this amount is too low for a normal existence.

The officer added that she had a lot of expenses and to cover them completely, she had to spend her savings, which, by the way, ends up:

“It seems to me that soon I’m going to” eat “all my financial pillow. My salary is 38 thousand hryvnias. But I’m not alone, I have children, family, pets, who should be taken to the vet … I have to use the supplies. “

Recall that previously Venediktova had declared that it was dangerous to be a journalist in Ukraine.



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