Prosecutor General’s Office Approves Prosecutions In Case Of Khachaturian Sisters


“Src =” “alt =” The Prosecutor General’s Office approved the charge in the case of the Khachaturian sisters ” width = “100%” /> Mikhail Khachaturian with his daughters

From the outset, the work of the Khachaturian sisters caused widespread public outcry. Many well-known figures, human rights defenders and ordinary Internet users have stood up to protect the girls. In December of last year, the investigation concluded that the sisters had committed a crime by prior conspiracy because of personal hostility towards their father. At the same time, the investigation recognized that Mikhail Khachaturian systematically mocked and raped his daughters.

Despite all the circumstances of the case, the girls were charged under the most severe article – “murder committed by a group of people by prior conspiracy”. The Attorney General’s Office then did not approve the findings of the investigation and referred the case for further investigation. However, in mid-May, even after further investigation, the Investigation Committee refused to drop the charge against the Khachaturian sisters from the murder to self-defense.

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