Prosecutor: Sternenko cut himself after attacking him



Prosecutor: Sternenko cut himself after attacking him

Prosecutor: Sternenko cut himself after attacking him

12/06.2020 22:29


Prosecutor Nikolai Bozovulyak at a meeting on the selection of a preventive measure for activist Sergei Sternenko said that Sternenko in May 2018, after attacking him, stabbed him.

This was reported by the Ukrinform correspondent.

According to the prosecutor, on May 24, 2018, Sternenko, when he saw that two attackers were quickly approaching him, took out a folded knife which he had taken with him after previous attacks for the purposes of self-defense, l ‘arranged for possible use and, holding the knife in his hand, hid it behind me.

“At the same time, Isaikul and Kuznetsov, approaching Sternenko, attacked him at the same time, striking him in different parts of the body and on the head, causing him, according to the expert’s conclusion, a wound to the head closed, “said the police officer. .

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The prosecutor noted that Sternenko, “defending himself and in a necessary state of defense”, hiding with the left hand of the attackers and holding a knife in his right hand, started stabbing with the knife of the aggressor, thus inflicting a wound on the abdomen and Kuznetsov – stabbing penetrating cut wound in the abdomen.

Sternenko himself during this attack, according to Bozovulyak, according to the expert’s conclusion, received several injuries to his fingers, etc.

“Without expecting such active physical resistance from Sternenko, Isaikul, having received a wrist injury to the abdomen, said that he would flee, after which the two ran in opposite directions, and therefore the state of defense necessary for Sternenko has stopped. Sternenko therefore used the right of defense, that is to say by injuring Isaikul and Kuznetsov to stop this encroachment … After that … after a while, Sternenko ran after Kuznetsov. Sternenko, outraged by the next attack on himself, on the basis of a sudden hostile relationship with Kouznetsov, in order to take revenge on the latter for this … acting intentionally, with a knife in order to provoke the dead, Kouznetsov inflicted at least three blows on the body of the latter, inflicting, according to the expert, a wound on the chest cut on the right, an injury on the chest cut on the right shoulder … an injury to the wrist to the left chest, during which the heart was damaged, resulting in acute blood loss and shock, which caused the death of Kuznetsov at the scene. After that, in order to give his actions the appearance of being in a necessary state of defense, in order to avoid criminal responsibility, Sternenko inflicted a cut wound transversely oriented on his left hand and a wound vertically oriented on his hand left in its upper central part, ” said the prosecutor.

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The prosecutor also highlighted the risks which, according to the prosecution, exist, in particular with regard to the possible destruction, concealment or distortion of things or documents which may be important for the investigation in terms possible illegal influence on witnesses.

The prosecutor asked for a preventive measure for Sternenko in the form of a 24-hour house arrest with an electronic bracelet and the delivery of his documents to travel abroad for storage.

As reported, in Kiev, several hundred people came to the Shevchenkovsky district court in Kiev to support activist Sternenko.

On June 11, Sternenko was informed in the Main Investigation Department of the SBU of suspected crimes under art. 115 h.1 (intentional and unlawful infliction of death on another person) and art. 263 part 2 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (transport of cold steel without authorization provided for by law).

His defense later said that the Shevchenkovsky District Court in Kiev would consider the petition for the election of a preventive measure in the form of a 24-hour house arrest.

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Sternenko is an Odessa activist, member of local Euromaidan and former head of the Odessa law sector.

On the evening of May 24, 2018, two assailants attacked Sternenko and his girlfriend. Repelling the attackers, he fatally wounded one of them with a knife in the stomach. Sternenko himself and the second attacker were stabbed to death, which the police quickly arrested and immediately released, granting him witness status and then state protection.

In total, in 2018, he made three assassination attempts in Odessa in just six months.

The cases of attacks have been referred to the General Directorate of Investigations of the SBU in Kiev, as explained by the prosecution, because of the “need to verify information concerning a possible involvement of local authorities and the police in the attacks “

For two years, the investigation has not officially established the organizers of the attacks on Sternenko. There is no penalty in these cases.

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