Protective equipment for doctors: with the help of volunteers – Ukraine faces



Protective equipment for doctors: with the help of volunteers - Ukraine faces

Bathrobes, masks, glasses, shoe covers – Ukrainian doctors already have it all. And enough of them if we avoid the negative scenario

Sociology is an inertial science. The last survey (end of the first ten days of April) carried out by KIIS showed that 70% of its participants believe that the authorities could not provide doctors with personal protective equipment (PPE), and only 12% of the respondents are of the opposite opinion. But how really? The absence of PPE was particularly acute at the start of the epidemic, which means that, as at the start of the war in the East, volunteers came to the rescue.

Now it seems that the situation has improved somewhat: planes with medical supplies arrive regularly from China to Ukraine and, on April 10, the United Arab Emirates sent protective equipment to 10,000 Ukrainian medical workers. But judging by the abundance of reports of volunteer aid to hospitals, it is not yet possible to protect physicians by the state alone. Meanwhile, the Department of Health reported that on the morning of April 15, 684 medical workers were infected with COVID-19.

One in three doctors in the UK is sick – due to lack of protection

HOWEVER, LIKE AND MUCH ELSE DURING THIS PANDEMIC, THE PROBLEM IS NOT JUST UKRAINIAN. Last March, Chinese doctors who participated in the fight against the epidemic warned in an interview with Bloomberg that the most serious error was the lack of protection of doctors working with infected people. It is precisely for this reason that the incidence rate of doctors in Europe has increased and continues to grow.

Protective equipment for doctors: with the help of volunteers - Ukraine faces

… Chinese doctors warn …

“Our European colleagues are infected with this disease during their daily work, the situation is very similar to that of Wuhan,” said Wu Dong, professor at the Beijing Joint Medical College.

This is confirmed by the situation in the UK, where every third of the doctors who passed the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus test were infected. What the Telegraph newspaper is talking about. According to the publication, 5,733 of their 16,888 tests by medical workers showed a positive result. The publication associates the increase in the percentage of infections among doctors with a lack of personal protective equipment: medical masks, gloves and aprons, whose deficit was observed at the beginning of the epidemic, and now certain drugs are “Extremely low”. What is it – many of us have seen a television story where BRITISH NURSES USE AS PROTECTIVE CLOTHING – GARBAGE BAGS …

In Italy, it seems that the work on errors was completed more quickly, although at the same time, an eleventh among those infected is a medical worker. Gleb Bityukov, one of the doctors on the Ukrainian team in Italy, wrote on Facebook that despite the growing burden on the health system, there was no shortage of protective equipment for health workers:

“There is everything in sufficient quantity. Whenever I enter the room, I put on two pairs of gloves and a new suit. In front of each patient, I put on another pair of gloves, and after I take off, I disinfect the bottom layer of the gloves with solutions that are everywhere in the ward – and all of that is there. In addition, I can choose the size of gloves that suits me. Here, nobody counts the number of pairs of gloves or catheters he has spent in a day, the number of meters of bandage unrolled, the number of vials of saline injected, recording this in countless magazines. You take everything you need – from towels to oxygen bottles in the hallway under the wall. “

Protective equipment for doctors: with the help of volunteers - Ukraine faces

Photo: Facebook Gleb Bityukova

Doctors are provided for the first time, but their protection needs to be strengthened in the future

Unfortunately, our doctors only dream of such a means of protection, as in Italy, although they note that now the situation is no longer critical – there will be enough protection in the near future. But if suddenly the incidence increases sharply – the forecasts are not so encouraging.

The doctor at the Kiev Regional Center for Emergency Medical Care, Vladimir Gontar, said that they had received partial personal protective equipment from the region at the start of the epidemic and are now supported by philanthropists. and volunteers:

“We are getting help from philanthropists, volunteers, members of parliament and thanks to that, we are slightly increasing our supplies. Yesterday we received a large batch – coveralls, masks, respirators. In addition, people help emergency stations directly in the field as much as possible – they bring 20, 40 sets of protective equipment. “

Asked whether the drivers are equipped with emergency vehicles, he replied that, according to the instructions, drivers do not need a protective suit in all cases. If the driver is in the cabin, he only needs a mask and gloves, because the cabin is hermetically sealed from the inside. But if the driver helps transport the patient, he must also be provided with full protection.

The head of the central district hospital in Mukachevo and the part-time chief of the city’s emergency response personnel, Yevgeny Meshko, also told Ukrinform that he provided protection to doctors. According to him, primary school doctors receive PPE in sufficient quantity. The protection was purchased at the expense of funds allocated by the NHA.

Protective equipment for doctors: with the help of volunteers - Ukraine faces

Evgeny Meshko

“Now we are also fully supplied at the secondary link level – city funds and philanthropists. Everything is distributed between the departments, according to the risks. Staff also received training in the use of personal protective equipment. Now we are fully supplied, but everything will depend on the scenario of the epidemic, according to which Ukraine will go. If the scenario is calm, then our reserves will last a month or two. If we follow the scenario of Italy or Spain, then in this case, our security will only be partial. As a result, we continue to prepare for the worst-case scenario, and the city council is helping us in this task by allocating funds, ”says Eugene Meshko.

Our expert notes that the problem is also that the market was not ready for an epidemic, so there is a great shortage of almost all medical supplies. “If we find something, then at inflated prices. THE STATE NOW STARTED TO REGULATE THE PRICES OF THE MASKS, BUT WHY SOMETHING FORGOTTEN, THAT IT IS NECESSARY TO SET THE PRICES OF PROTECTIVE SCREENS, RESPIRATORS, IVL DEVICES, THE PRICE OF WHICH 600 THOUSANDS WERE BIG. It is a huge human life affair, and it would be nice if other goods could be bought at affordable prices, ”added the head of the hospital.

The chief doctor of the Cherkasy regional hospital, Alexander Dudnik, spoke of the provision of protective equipment in four ways. “There are centralized purchases at the expense of the regional budget, centralized humanitarian aid deliveries, which are distributed by the regional health department. We make purchases at our expense. We are now planning to purchase over a thousand anti-epidemic suits. For this, we are only looking for licensed manufacturers. In addition, we receive help from philanthropists. We clearly take into account and record everything. The medical staff are aware of our safety, ”said Alexander Dudnik in a comment to the local publication Procherk.

Protective equipment for doctors: with the help of volunteers - Ukraine faces

Alexander Dudnik talked about providing protective equipment in four ways

The “experience” of Ukrinform speaks of the extent of voluntary aid to doctors: on our request for a remedy, the search engine Google published at least 7 pages of information on the provision of regions.

Meanwhile, the press service of the Ministry of Health said that in the near future, Ukrainian doctors will buy 90,000 protective suits and other protective equipment.

What can we do to stretch out what’s

The problem of the lack of reliable protection for doctors – glasses, face shields has led to the emergence of new ways to solve it. For example, volunteers from the Medical Academy of Dnepropetrovsk masks for diving were refurbished under medical protection, replacing the breathing tube – FILTERS, reported Channel 5. This experiment was adopted by Italian doctors and decided to be applied in Ukraine, said anesthesiologist Vladimir Rozhko. Now, the volunteers have made more than a hundred adapters-adapters for such masks and made them a protective tool, but they are looking for sponsors for a large production, as well as masters who could print adapters according to diagrams on a 3D printer.

Protective equipment for doctors: with the help of volunteers - Ukraine faces

Volunteers remake diving masks for doctors

Revival Institute for Future director Vadim Aristov, a specialist in infectious diseases, said that CDC PROTOCOLS (US CENTER FOR DISEASE CONTROL AND PREVENTION) SAY RESPIRATORS MAY BE DISINFECTED AFTER USE. “It is not recommended, but allowed – to use protective equipment for a long time, in case of shortage. The simplest disinfectant is time. Just let it lie down, as it is known that the virus stays active for up to 3 days. But for this it is necessary that each doctor has kits for 5 days – to be established while the previous respirators are “put on”. According to our calculations, the cost of treating a moderate or severe case of COVID-19 is 60 to 83,000 hryvnias. About 70% of this amount is the cost of personal protective equipment for medical workers who are next to an infected patient. If you use re-disinfection and other approaches to optimize PPE, this cost can be reduced to 28 to 32,000 hryvnia. But it is even more than the current funding of hospitals allows. Therefore, we urgently need to correct the financial mechanisms of medical reform. “

Well, according to Ukraine’s chief medical officer of health Viktor Lyashko, the second half of April will be decisive in the development of the situation. Now, the main thing during this period is to maximize the provision of protective equipment for our doctors so that they are ready, in the event of a negative scenario, to heal and save their lives, and not to end up in hospital beds next to other infected people.

Julia Gorban, Kiev

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