Protest atmosphere in “LPR”: people may not close mines



The LPR population is desperate, people are ready to start demonstrating because of the actions of the terrorists. The workers of the Nikanor-Novaya mine, located in Zorinsk, collectively turned to the so-called “head of the republic”, Pasechnik, asking them to give them the opportunity to work and to refrain from closing the mines.

Mine closure
Closure of the mine. Photo –

This was reported by a number of separatist media, reports “MFN”.

“At present, the cessation of work at the Nikanor-Novaya branch of the unitary state enterprise of the Lugansk People’s Republic of Tsentrugol, which is located in the Perevalsky district of the Lugansk People’s Republic, poses an acute question. The mines are at the base of the city of Zorinsk and the surrounding villages. The closure of the mines will leave many people without a livelihood. We warn that such actions can cause social collapse, which can lead to protests, “said the miners.

They complain that their demands are being ignored and that “power” does not hear people. However, they have not received their honestly earned money for 20 months.

Reminder, as previously indicated, sharia law has been removed from the list of wanted persons: the police announced the conclusions.

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