Protest rally under OP: Sharia supporters had to flee nationalists (VIDEO)



As you know, today there are two demonstrations in the capital at the same time: Sharia supporters gathered under the PO. At the same time, opponents of the scandalous blogger gathered on Maidan, who moved to Bankova to “speak” with Sharia fans.

Supporters of Sharia under OP
Supporters of Sharia under the PO. Photo –

On this subject, it is written “MFN” referring to “Letters“.

Representatives of Democratic Sokira, the Veterans Movement of Ukraine and other patriotic organizations first gathered at Independence Square, then went to the president’s office.

Already on Bankova between supporters and opponents of Sharia, fights have taken place. The video shows how the supporters of the pro-Russian blogger had to flee, and one of the Sharia fans applied tear gas to the Ukrainian nationalists.

The president’s office did not come only from Shariya’s goons, but from their opponents. The strings are gone, shouted + sawed gas. Https: //

Gepostet von Letters a m Mittwoch, June 17, 2020

In turn, the nationalists threw supporters of heinous blogger eggs and spread a banner with the inscription “Sharia under the plinth”.

Among Shar_ya members, eggs flew, but not all of them – they hit the hit magazine

Gepostet von Letters a m Mittwoch, June 17, 2020

Recall that we wrote earlier that supporters and opponents of sharia protests in Kiev.



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