Protests in Russia: Record number of Russians ready to take to the streets



The decline in living standards in the Russian Federation due to the coronavirus pandemic has led to the willingness to enter the protests, a record number of Russians in a year and a half.

Demonstrations in Russia
Demonstrations in Russia. Stock Photo –

On this subject, it is written “MFN” referring to “24 channels“.

According to the results of a Levada Center survey, 28% of the inhabitants of the Russian Federation have declared themselves ready to go to street demonstrations: 27% of them are convinced that it is possible to start demonstrations now.

As pointed out in the Levada Center, the figure of 28% is the maximum value for a year and a half. The previous peak maximum protest activity dropped in November 2018. Then, due to an increase in the country’s retirement age, 30% of Russians were ready to take to the streets:

“It’s worth understanding that taking to the streets, at least for now, is just unrealistic. But separate protests in major cities this summer are quite possible, ”- noted in the Levada Center.

Recall that we wrote earlier that Putin had been informed of a sharp increase in feelings of protest in the Russian Federation.



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