PTsU authorized to dedicate paska independently



PTsU authorized to dedicate paska independently

The Ukrainian Orthodox Church urges quarantine believers to join in common prayer during online service broadcasts on the official pages on Facebook and YouTube.

This is indicated on the PCC Facebook page.

“Quarantine does not cancel Easter, does not make this day less important in our lives, but it does make certain adjustments to its celebration. For the first time in the churches of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Easter services take place without the overcrowded and personal presence of the laity. However, you can be part of universal prayer through online service broadcasts on our official Facebook pages and on your YouTube channel. It is important, being at home, to listen attentively to the worship and to pray before the icon, in the house as in a church, to observe the usual rules of participation in religious services, ”said the report.

The Easter dishes, noted in the PTsU, will not be consecrated together in the temples and on the territory of the temple, so as not to create mass crowds.

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Only in small towns, villages and cities of the urban type, the consecration of Easter baskets is authorized on the places of residence – in the street near the house or in the courtyard, respecting the “social distance” . The consecration of dishes in the places of production and sale is authorized. If someone hasn’t had time to buy the blessed Easter, you can sprinkle it with holy water yourself, they added to the PCU.

As stated in the Orthodox Church, this year’s shroud will be made, but will be worshiped without kissing. The enclosure of the Shroud around the temple is authorized only to those who participate in the service, respecting the “social distance”.

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