Public procurement market will grow by tens of billions of hryvnia


Forum.zapuki was held on 15 and 16 April in an online format

The new version of the law on public procurement resolves one of the major problems in the Projoro system – the lack of competition in the purchase of so-called “sub-thresholds” (which cost less than 20000 UAH). Prior to this, such purchases could involve officials and state-owned companies choosing a supplier at their discretion. And then he published a report on the contracts concluded in the system. Now that will change. From 19 April, customers should conduct purchases in Prozoro for a sum of 50 thousand dollars. Thus, the new rule of law could bring purchases “out of the shadows” for billions of people.

It was discussed “Forum.zapucci: Changes in the law”, Which was held in an online format on 15 and 16 April this year. This made it possible for all people of all regions of the country to participate in this event. The best procurement experts said what to expect from state and commercial companies after the updated procurement law came into force.

Lilia Lakhpativa
Director of the Department of Public Procurement Regulation of the Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine

Among the important innovations that facilitate business participation in procurement are the ability to correct errors in their tender offers. The supplier will have 24 hours to do so after the customer signs an error. So being ineligible for inadvertence will be very unlikely.

This will make it easier for suppliers to protect their rights. First, due to a change in the size of the appeal fee. Before the new law, its cost was fixed and amounted to 5 and 15 thousand UAH. Therefore, it did not make sense to appeal each tender. Now the fee will depend on the expected purchase price. Also, if the plaintiff wins, they will return the money to him.

Forum speakers also said that the new version of the legislation would positively affect the development of the Projoro Market electronic catalog. Thanks to this business, cooperation with the state will become more profitable. To sell through catalogs, the supplier does not need to prepare documents for each purchase. This is sufficient to qualify only once. And after that – download the goods and wait for the order. Therefore, the Prozoro market can become an additional sales channel for the company with a steady income. In addition, the state pays here for purchased goods, on average, for two weeks.

Vasiliy Zadvorny
General Director of the State Enterprise “Projoro”

The Projoro Market is convenient not only for business, but also for customers. Here, states can purchase small batches of goods from already qualified suppliers in just 10 minutes without producing documents. The electronic catalog works on the principle of a regular online store. The customer selects the product and indicates its quantity. After that, the supplier contacts him to resolve the payment and delivery issue.

Customers are also awaiting several changes from 19 April. In particular, they will now have a legal opportunity to consult the market. Previously, customers often had difficulties with the formation of the right technical requirements, especially when purchasing a new product. Now, before tendering, they will be able to gather expert opinion of suppliers and study the prices in the market. This will greatly simplify the procurement process for government bodies and companies, and allow businesses to be involved in the preparation of suppliers and goods requirements.

Natalya Kovaleva
Head of business platform

The updated legislation will make the public procurement market more open. This would allow the state to optimize the use and trade of funds – to achieve an additional reliable and convenient sales channel.


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