Punishment of minor protesters “NRL”: details of the brutal measures by the terrorists



Protests by minors in the “LPR” may soon end. After the detention of two child protesters, fighters from illegal armed groups decided to take particularly cruel measures to quell the mood of the protest. The terrorists have expressed their main task.

Minors. Photo –

It is reported Donpress, reports “MFN”.

Two workers detained at the Komsomolskaya mine are interviewed. The security forces of the “LPR” demand to name the instigators of the demonstrations. In order to uncover the leaders of the popular uprising, fighters from illegal armed groups are not afraid to blackmail and intimidate both the detainees themselves and their families. Protesters arrested were taken to Anthracite; their fate is unknown. Representatives of the mine, George Chernetsov, were interviewed, but did not start detaining them.

It is reported that near the village where the Komsomolskaya mine is located. a roadblock has been established. Families of protesters complain of pressure from illegal armed groups. Terrorists try to influence minors by influencing their families.

Recall, as previously stated, Zelensky expressed the main condition for the resignation of Avakov: the official statement “Servants of the people”.



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