Pushilin accused Zelensky of intensifying bombing



“DPR” chief Denis Pushilin accused Ukraine of allegedly more intense bombing, which killed civilians.

This is reported by the NPF, referring to

Denis Pushilin,
Pushilin accused Zelensky of intensifying the bombing. Photo:

In particular, the head of the activists gave an example from the village of Sakhanki, where 5 people were injured.

According to him, among the injured were two thirteen-year-old adolescents. In addition, according to Pushilin, a few days ago, three other girls and an adult man were injured by a broken shell.

“Zelensky’s direct fault for these dead, who for the year in power did not bother to issue a cease-fire”, He stated.

According to the head of the so-called “people’s republic”, the OSCE “Close your eyes” for violations.
In turn, the head of the OOS accused the activists of having violated the peace agreements. According to them, on May 7, illegal armed groups fired on the positions of Ukrainian defenders and injured an APU combatant.

This provoked a response from the CAB services.

Earlier, it was reported that Pushilin has made new demands on Ukraine.

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