Pushilin congratulated the inhabitants of the “DPR” on “Republic Day”: the leader of the activists recognized that there were serious difficulties



The head of the so-called “DPR” Denis Pushilin turned today, May 11, to the inhabitants of the “DPR” to congratulate them on the occasion of the “Fête de la République”. The head of the terrorists noted that “for six years the republic has learned to fight”.

Denis Pushilin
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This was reported by the portal Donpressreferring to the media controlled by the occupiers, reports the NPF.

The head of the so-called “DPR” Denis Pushilin turned to the inhabitants of Ordlo. He congratulated the inhabitants of the “republic” for the “sixth anniversary of the referendum” and the “day of the republic”.

“Today, the“ republic ”has aged a year. Meanwhile, we have already learned to fight. Six years ago, we chose our own path – the path to the Russian Federation, ”said Pushilin.

But, despite the pathetic speech, the head of the illegal “republic” admitted that the way to Russia turned out to be much more difficult than it seemed at first glance.

“The road to the Russian Federation has been incredibly difficult,” said the head of the unrecognized “republic”.

According to Pushilin, the “republic” is ready to overcome the difficulties and to move towards the Russian Federation. According to him, the reintegration process with the Russian Federation “is getting closer every day”.

The head of the illegal “republic” also thanked representatives of the illegal armed groups for “bringing closer a common victory”.

In addition, the leader of the “DPR” made no secret of the fact that there are economic problems in the “republic”. He called them a “challenge” and promised to face them.

We previously reported that Poroshenko demands that Zelensky immediately convene the National Security and Defense Council.

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