Pushilin made new statement: “DNR” is preparing for large-scale martial law



Denar Pushilin, head of the terrorists of the “DPR”, announced that he would respond appropriately to all of Ukraine’s actions. According to him, in Donetsk, they are preparing to work under conditions of “martial law”.

Denis Pushilin
Denis Pushilin. Photo – RBC.RU

This information was reported by the press service “Dialog.UA“, Returned to the Telegram chain of separatists, reports” MFN “.

“The People’s Republic will react normally to all of Ukraine’s actions,” said the head of the “DPR”.

He also noted that the so-called “popular police” was already ready for military operations, if the circumstances required it.

We know that the commander-in-chief of the “People’s Police” received a decree on the absence of a reduction in the level of combat training of their units. If, as the separatists have said, there will be shelling on their territories, they will take action. However, Pushilin did not disclose details about them.

Other details have not been communicated to the “DPR”. Unfortunately, experts still strongly disagree on the separatists’ ultimatums and intimidation.

Recall that there are two variants of events – the political scientist Golobutsky spoke of the exacerbations to come in the Donbass.



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