Pushilin promised to punish the opposition: the head of the “DPR” on the resistance in Donbass



The head of the “DPR” terrorists, Denis Pushilin, in an interview with local media, declared himself ready to punish the opposition in the Donbass. During a speech to the Union, Pushilin stressed who his enemies were and warned them to approach the worst moments.

Denis Pushilin
Denis Pushilin. Photo –

This publication reports Liport, reports “MFN”.

Pushilin spoke out against the personalities who did not agree with him, in particular, the media and telegram channels. He stressed that he has information about who is behind his opponents and that “DPR power structures” will deal with this issue. He gave a special order to “MGB”, where they know how to solve this kind of problem.

“Many of those who simply do not see what is allowed. There is a peculiarity, after crossing, you are no longer just an opponent, but an agent of the enemy. I clearly know who is behind this – the MGB has already started operating and the results will be coming soon, ”he said.

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