Pushkin accused Zelensky of betraying the fatherland: “DPR” has received an important argument



The head of the “DPR” terrorists, Denis Pushilin, has publicly declared that the Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky betrayed the Ukrainian people by signing the law “on the sale of land”. Pushilin intends to make this law a tool for fighting official power.

Denis Pushilin
Denis Pushilin. Stock Photo –

It is reported Donpress, reports “MFN”.

Pushilin claims that the official authority has lost the right to speak about the territorial integrity of Ukraine. The terrorist has adopted a new position, according to which he claims that Kiev is trying to temporarily restore uncontrolled land in order to sell it and deprive citizens of their liberty.

“President Zelensky signed a treason law on the sale of land. He himself described this event as historic. I am sure it encroaches on the fertile land of our homeland. This person no longer has the right to speak of territorial integrity. The statutory declaration that he will return the Donbass is an attempt to remove the Donbass from the people. They don’t need people, they need land, “said the head of the terrorists.

Recall, as previously stated, he is a traitor – Tymoshenko resolutely opposed Zelensky.

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