Pushkov unveiled US plan against China: Russian senator stood out in an unusual statement



The infamous Russian senator Alexei Pushkov announced the revelation of the United States’ machinations against China. He is confident that the United States intends to profit from the conflict due to the concealment of data on coronaviruses.

Alexey Pushkov
Alexey Pushkov. Photo –

It is reported by “Dialogue“, Reports” MFN “.

Pushkov said the United States has used the maneuver with the accusations to divert the attention of its citizens from an acute internal crisis. He is convinced that Donald Trump is ready to damage international relations in order to hide the problems of the authorities.

It should be noted that relations between China and the United States have recently been very tense, and it is advantageous for each country in case of conflict between world leaders.

Pushkov believes that the United States is deliberately creating the image of an external enemy so that people are angry with him and not with their own power. He believes that relations between countries will deteriorate for a long time, because Trump intends to reign for a long time.

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