Putin and Merkel discuss settlement of conflict in Donbas: Russian President presented the only request for Kiev



German Chancellor Angela Merkel had a telephone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Politicians have raised the issue of resolving the Donbass conflict.

Angela Merkel and Vladimir Putin
Angela Merkel and Vladimir Putin. Photo –

This is reported by the NPF, referring to Press service Russian President.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel today called the owner of the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin, on June 9. Politicians have discussed the fight against the pandemic, the military conflict in Libya, but Putin and Merkel have paid the utmost attention to the issue of the settlement of the conflict in eastern Ukraine.

It is noted that the parties have expressed concern about the lack of implementation of the Minsk agreements, as well as the implementation of the Paris communiqué, which was agreed in Paris in December 2019.

In addition, the Russian leader expressed a request for Kiev in the Donbas. Putin again said that Kiev should discuss settlement of the Donbas conflict with activists controlled by Russia ORDLO.

“The President of the Russian Federation has again stressed the advisability of establishing a direct dialogue between Kiev and Donetsk and Lugansk,” reports the website of the President of the Russian Federation.

It should be noted that the Kremlin once again described the war in the Donbas as an “intra-Ukrainian conflict”.

Recall that on June 5, the President of Ukraine had a telephone conversation with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Politicians have discussed the issue of conflict resolution in the Donbass.

Earlier, we reported that political analyst Bortnik had indicated whether the updated composition of Ukrainian negotiators in Minsk would help move the Donbas negotiations forward.



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