Putin could resume “land collection”: Piontkovsky said the risk of extending the “L / DPR”



Russian political scientist Andrei Piontkovsky does not rule out the possibility that Russian President Vladimir Putin may worsen the conflict in eastern Ukraine. According to the political scientist, due to the drop in the rating, Putin could again take over “collected land”.

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This is reported by the NPF, referring to the portal DonPress

Political analyst Andrei Piontkovsky noted that in recent years, President Vladimir Putin’s rating has dropped sharply in Russia. According to the political scientist, Putin could make an unexpected decision because of this. The Russian opposition politician fears that this is an escalation of the conflict in eastern Ukraine.

“The Kremlin can only decide that it is possible to restore the popular love of the masses to Putin only by” gathering essentially Russian lands “, that is to say by intensifying the conflict in Ukraine,” believes the political scientist .

Piontkovsky suggests that the Kremlin could decide to seize new territories in the Lugansk and Donetsk regions, and thus widen the “borders” of the pseudo-republics.

Furthermore, according to the political scientist, it would be wrong to believe that only Putin wants to capture Ukraine. According to him, Putin’s successor could continue to wage war against Ukraine. Piontkovsky stressed that in the Kremlin “everyone hates Ukraine too”.

In addition, Piontkovsky suggests that the United States will not remain on the sidelines in the event of a new wave of Russian aggression against Ukraine. According to an authoritative political scientist, in this case, the Kremlin will await new severe sanctions and an oil embargo.

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