Putin gave the Russian people a choice: die in poverty or die fighting for their future: El Murid



Analyzing the events taking place in the Russian Federation, Russian military expert and blogger El Murid said that Russia has found itself in a completely different world in recent months.

This is reported by the NPF with reference to

Vladimir Putin in the bunker.

Vladimir Putin hid in a bunker while the elite stumbled upon the remains of the Russian Federation. Photo: In this world, according to the expert, even the meager rights and freedoms that were in Russia at the beginning of the year have been suppressed.

The Russians have found themselves in a situation where fear and horror are the main methods of government in the country. Citizens are threatened daily with administrative and even criminal prosecution for their elementary desire to receive answers to questions on poverty.

El Murid believes that Russia, according to its management methods, is turning into a kind of Islamic State, where they will soon begin to publicly execute the rebels, cutting off their heads and their members.

How much intimidation will the Russian people have to endure for their patience to break out.

Meanwhile, a fierce power struggle broke out in the Kremlin. Putin of the bunker can no longer influence anything, the elite is tearing apart the remnants of the federation and China is already in full swing in Siberia.

The guarantor has dissipated and has already become an obstacle. Replacement required. Who will succeed? The worst part is that in this power struggle, the Russians are just a bargaining chip.

But the Russian people have a choice, just do it.

Earlier, it was reported that Putin appreciated Kim Jong-un’s contribution to the victory over fascism.



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