Putin has assumed the right to start a nuclear war without the threat of an attack on Russia: details of the decree of the President of the Russian Federation



The President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, signed a decree laying down the conditions for the possible use of nuclear weapons against other countries.

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Putin signed a decree on the use of WMD.
Putin signed a decree on the use of nuclear weapons even in the absence of a threat. Photo:

According to the decree, the decision to strike a nuclear strike is taken personally by the head of the Kremlin. The document also states that weapons of mass destruction are a “deterrent” and that their use is a “last resort”.

However, by this decree, Putin appropriated the right to use nuclear weapons against other countries without immediate threat to Russia.

According to Putin’s decision, the main dangers that could lead to the use of nuclear weapons by Russia will be the accumulation of military presence by potential adversaries at the borders of the Russian Federation, the deployment of missile defense systems in space, the deployment of nuclear weapons in the territory of non-nuclear powers, etc.

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