Putin has been informed of a sharp increase in the Russian protest mood: the Russian president has given orders to the security forces



Closed sociological information on the record growth in Russian protest moods and their preparation for the riots rests on Putin’s table.

This is reported by the NPF with reference to

Putin is worrying.
Putin is concerned about the sharp increase in the feeling of protest in Russia. Photo:

It’s no secret that the Kremlin leader’s rating has plummeted to an historic low. Permanent President Vladimir Putin continues to quickly lose confidence in Russia. The situation in the Russian Federation has reached its limits.

Information on this subject was disseminated by the influential Russian telegram chain “The Kremlin Mammologist”, referring to sources in the Kremlin.

According to a source, the other day Putin received a certain “Closed Sociology”, which he didn’t like.

“According to analytical calculations, the highest level of personal distrust of Vladimir Putin has been recorded, and the greatest preparation for demonstrations in the past 20 years”, – said the resource.

According to him, Putin began to cause irritation and even hatred in most Russians.

“The Kremlin is extremely worried. The security forces are responsible for being fully prepared for any action and for rigidly removing any disturbance in the bud, “ – provides the Kremlin mammologist.

According to the source, Putin’s rating fell to 28%, and with it the general socio-economic mood of Russian citizens also declined.

Earlier, it was reported that for Putin, the “X” day will come soon.

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