Putin has serious psychological trauma – BBC service has revealed the real reasons for the capture of Crimea and Donbas



It became known that provoked the aggressive political activity of the President of the Russian Federation. BBC reporter Katry Belton said it was due to the psychological trauma associated with the paranoia of Putin’s past at the KGB.

Vladimir Poutine
Vladimir Putin Photo – RBC.RU

This information was reported by the Russian service BBC, reports “MFN”.

It should be noted that the start of a possible injury stems from Dresden. Belton said that Vladimir Putin there was under harsh propaganda, which literally forced everyone to be checked.

“When the Orange Revolution started, this trauma worsened in 2004. He immediately began to remember his previous experience in Germany, where he recruited people to obtain the necessary information from Western partners for the KGB” she said.

After that, the reporter reported that military operations in Ukraine and a number of other countries are a reflection of the severe form of paranoia that has haunted Putin and his people since 2004.

“But, really, it all started a long time ago. Given this injury, one can only imagine how Putin felt watching the collapse of the USSR from the KGB mansion on the Elbe, “said the journalist.

Recall Zelensky has teamed up with Poroshenko – Lesev has made an emergency declaration about a new vector of Ukrainian politics.



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