Putin is very sick and will soon leave us – a classmate of the President of the Russian Federation spoke about the “burden” of the national leader



It has become known that the President of the Russian Federation has significant problems. They are linked to the fact that the problems of the whole country are “loaded” on it. In addition, the media constantly talks about his health, which he sometimes lacks.

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Yury Shvets, a former classmate of Putin, recounted this information in an interview “Gordon“, Reports” NPF “.

“Leaks have been happening for a long time. The fact that Putin is very sick and will be leaving us soon is thrown into the information space. This person, in fact, has circumstances inside that speak of the disease. This suggests that the President of Russia cannot fulfill his new duties. All the acts of sin, as well as the problems – it all fell on him, ”said Shvets at the very beginning.

After that, a fellow student from Putin announced that the Russian leader understands how complicated the issue of his security is. According to Shvets, the only guarantee of Putin’s security at the moment is his presence at the presidential military post.

“Only Vladimir Putin will start from there – he will be on thin ice. It will be in cold water, from where it is unlikely to come out. In general, I now have the impression that he was already withdrawing to the bunker, in which he was hiding not so much COVID-19, but from his former close collaborators. It is true that now it is dangerous for him, first of all, not a coronavirus, but the same “novice” or polonium, “explained Shvets.

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