Putin lost his temper: the President of the Russian Federation began to do unexpected things (video)



The President of the Russian Federation lost his temper when talking to the governors of the Russian regions. Because of this, he was visible how he raised his tone, after which he began to hit his hands on the table.

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This information was reported by a Russian journalist. Dmitry Smirnov on his Twitter, reports “MFN”.

It should be noted that at the very beginning, the conversation between the President of the Russian Federation and the governors started quite calmly. However, in the end, something went wrong. Vladimir Putin began to clap his hands and say that the tasks of the government should be completed. In an emotional burst, his speech was very different from those that the Russian president had previously delivered.

“I ask you to take this seriously!”: Putin tapped the table with his fist in his address to the governors – the most touching moment for all of the president’s speeches, “wrote Smirnov.

Social media users have written about their theories as to why the Russian leader started behaving this way. One of them is: just show Putin that he is thinking of the people and that he is too worried about his future. However, most people have just ridiculed how the President lost his temper.

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