Putin lost to Zelensky in May 9 praise: a significant difference (video)



On the Internet, they compared how the national leaders of two neighboring states congratulated their peoples on the anniversary of the end of the Second World War. As many have pointed out, Vladimir Putin has done this in an extremely inept manner. And, at the same time, Vladimir Zelensky distinguished himself in the context of the President of the Russian Federation by his sincerity and his simplicity.

Putin and Zelensky
Putin and Zelensky. Photo –

This information has been reported “The Present Time” on his Facebook page, reports “MFN”.

It should be noted that the two presidents tried to congratulate the people as well as possible. However, according to commentators, one managed to do it sincerely, while the other spoke untrue.

Although there is not yet an expert opinion on this subject, the correspondents left the right to decide for the people themselves whose congratulations seemed to them the best. Although opinions are divided in this context, it was noted that there were many more positive comments towards Zelensky.

“Zelensky’s speech is simple communication for people. It was a call from the president of an independent country, without unnecessary pathos and lies, ”said one of the commentators.

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